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Free Java!

To give something back to the Internet community that has been so good to us all, Shokwave now makes its Web Deco Kit available to all for free!

The Web Deco Kit is a series of Java applets designed to embellish any website, no matter what sort of server or platform it uses. No Java programming experience is required to incorporate the applets into a website. Each of the applets performs a single task, but can be customized in an endless number of ways. While Java applets can only be seen in action with a Java-capable browser (such as the latest versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer), each applet can contain alternate HTML that will be seen by those without Java-capable browsers.

We have demos, documentation and a FAQ or you can just download the Web Deco Kit now as a Stuffit archive or a Zip archive.

Note: these Java applets don't come with any documentation, you'll need to read the docs here.

3D Game Demo

We put this together as a demo game for a prospective client and, now that it's done, we figured we may as well let people play it. Arena-L5 is a 3D game Ken wrote in just two man-weeks to demonstrate the high quality work the Shokwave development staff is capable of delivering to its clients.

The game features real-time 3D texture mapped graphics and a dynamic physical simulation. The object of the game is to get a bouncing cube into the goal at the center of a rotating arena. The game requires a PowerPC based MacOS-compatable computer, Quicktime, a display with 640x480 pixels or more and thousands of colors. Written by Ken Offer of Shokwave.

Download Arena-L5

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